What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the astrology of past and present India and is based on the teachings of the Vedas. The Vedas in turn, are the earliest known literary records of the Indo-Aryan culture of ancient India, and by some estimations, the oldest books in the human library. In its primordial parts the Vedic corpus consists of the revelations of seers or ṛsis who, through prolonged meditation came to know reality in both its ultimate and finite sense. Accordingly it’s appropriate that the ancient Sanskrit word veda literally means ‘knowledge’.


In the Vedas, the limb of knowledge devoted to astrology is referred to as Jyotiṣa, or ‘science of light’. Vedic astrology’s perennial relevance lies in its capacity to illuminate human destiny, allowing us to know and creatively respond to our karma.

What can Vedic astrology do for me?

In short, Vedic astrology allows you to unlock your past, present and future.

We come into this life, not as a blank slate, but as a fragment of primordial consciousness propelled by the karma of countless past lives. Our conditioned consciousness is a complex, often contradictory array of hopes and fears, desires and aversions that we know very little of but which nonetheless guide the choices we make and thereby the life we build.


Most people know very little of the magnitude of this so-called unconscious of which our conscious reality is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Vedic astrology can help you sort through your karmic baggage and help you to discover the mind-sets and tendencies that have shaped and continue to shape your life by identifying these patterns and the time span of their respective influences. With this measure of objectivity, you enhance your ability to choose the future you want to live and withstand the inevitable challenges we have to face.


You can learn about past and probable future periods of creativity, anxiety, spirituality, vitality depression and growth, to name but a few. You can gain insight into the cause, intensity and duration of these periods as well as appropriate counter measures, or upāyas. Imagine being able to anticipate potentially life changing opportunities, be they related to relationships, career or your spiritual development before they arise and pass you by. Even a preliminary Vedic reading can familiarise you with your important tides of opportunity.


In terms of unlocking the present, Vedic astrology is useful not only in identifying your hidden talents and abilities but also in discovering their magnitude and possible significance. Too many people never explore their potential simply because they don’t know where to look, while others squander their time, money and energy in trying to achieve things that will never fulfil them. A little self-knowledge goes a long way and Vedic astrology offers just that and so much more.

Kavi Karnapura Dasa

Kavi Karnapura Dasa

Vedic Monk

My interest in astrology started in high school when I stated casually studying ancient Chinese philosophy and astrology. In 2002 my interest shifted to the Vedic sciences when I came in contact with Gaudiya Vaishnavaism. I ended up studying Sanskrit and Gaudiya theology in Govardhana India for 3 years. At present I am based in Stellenbosch, South Africa where I am involved with an ashrama, which conducts meditation retreats and Vedic studies.